Guys, it’s cold outside. The “record breaking” -30 BEFORE windchill we hit in December made me a little bummed, considering our comparatively warm winter in 2016. But then, randomly, we’ll have days that are in the positives and PERFECT for shooting which is why I’ve created some tips for all you seniors who love the snow.

1. Location, location, location!
It’s a well known fact that open spaces are colder than more secluded areas, and no more is that true than our wonderful prairie lands surrounding our towns. I always say to find spots not too far from whatever town we’re shooting in, surrounded by trees, and maybe with a building to shelter ourselves from any wind.

Take these locations, they were a bit colder, but the bins protected Faith from the insane breeze and she was able to do a few shots without her coat.This location has a little more protection because of the high walls buy the river and the railroad walking bridge.

2. Layer up
If you pick a senior session in the winter or early spring, you need to be prepared to be cold. If you want a session full of shorter dresses and flowing tops, I highly recommend a session in a different season, but if you want a session where you look cozy? Winter is perfect for you!
Take Kay here, she matched her winter coat with a cute pair of leggings and sweater for her session in February/March.

3. Get your hair + Makeup done! 
While I recommend this to all of my clients, it’s incredibly important in the winter. We are dealing with cold winds that make our skin look a lot less vibrant and sometimes dry, which totally stinks. The good news is that I have two awesome makeup artists who help make you look and feel amazing, plus it’s nice to feel pampered.
Julia is just one of the makeup artists BHP with, pictured below. Also there are a few shots of Kay with her makeup done by Carly, an amazing makeup artist and esthetician in Grand Forks.

4. Don’t be surprised if your session dates switch around
It’s cold, remember? So while our forecast might say sunny and 35 degrees, blizzards can come out of nowhere. So if you’re looking for a winter session make sure you have 2-3 dates that will work for you, your hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer.

5. Pick areas where there are indoor locations you can shoot.
One thing I love about smaller towns are the little local spots you’re able to shoot in. Grand Forks has a few coffee shops, the sky bridges, and the occasional shop that will let you shoot in them. I highly recommend TRF’s amazing library, like in the images below. While your heart might be set on outdoors, it’s nice to have a place to warm up in and have a few cups of coffee too. Another option is to split your session into two areas, outdoors or my amazing studio located in Red Lake Falls, MN.

Of course the main point of any session is to HAVE FUN so making sure you hire a photographer who works with you to create the session look you’re going for is incredibly important! I strive to work with my clients to create the most amazing session and make them feel 100% comfortable at all times. Check out more of my senior work here and don’t forget I still have applications for my senior model team open for the class of 2019!

xoxo, Acacia

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