5 Ways To Feel Photoshoot Ready

5 ways to feel photo ready
I am a little on the terrified side of photoshoots for myself.


I fully believe that to run a business, like mine, you have to be visible.. except that I don’t always see myself as worthy of being visible. I hide behind my camera.

So I’ve created my top 5 ways to feel photoshoot ready. Take a look at these foolproof ways:


I am sure you’re thinking “DUH” but its something people overlook.

We live in a world where photoshoots sometimes feel a little outdated. You can get a perfectly good image with your iPhone, right? So why hire a pro?

A professional photographer, like myself, knows a heck of a lot more than just how to take a pretty picture. We know lighting, gear, posing, editing and SO MUCH MORE!

That’s why I hired Tonya Kay Photography LLC for my headshots. She was professional, goofy, great at posing and truly made me feel pretty.
5 ways to feel photo ready


I always recommend having your hair and makeup done if you can. Professional hair and makeup artists like Carly know how to get you prepped for your photoshoot using the highest quality products.

Sadly, you can’t always afford to have your hair and makeup done, but I don’t recommend just trying to wing-it on the day of your shoot.

I tested out 2-3 hairstyles sand makeup looks for weeks before my session with Tonya. I finally settled on one that I knew I could pull off without issue and would look great throughout the day.

I also recommend that you take your time getting ready. 2-3 hours should be more than enough time to perfect your look.
5 ways to feel photo ready


I am a plus size woman. I have zero shame about this.

Sometimes it makes picking out outfits for a photoshoot kind of difficult, but this time I set forth with a solid plan: I am good looking and people need to see how incredibly good looking I am.

While I did go shopping for a few pieces, I mostly shopped my closet and chose outfits that were A. Something I would actually wear and B. Something I wasn’t gong to be messing around with the entire shoot.
5 ways to feel photo ready
5 ways to feel photo ready


We make playlists for everything from kayak trips, road trips, weddings and beyond.. so why not a photoshoot?

I created a few playlists using Spotify and the #1 song I listened to wasArizona by Frances Cone

So check out the electronic, moody and harmonizing song that helped me get into the mood for these images:
5 ways to feel photo ready
5 ways to feel photo ready


Photoshoots are supposed to be fun, so just relax!

Part of the reason I chose to work with Tonya is because she is a goofball with a similar way of photographing people.

This session was 100% to show off Acacia Reinhardt Photography, and I am 10000% convinced this shows you exactly who I am, what kind of vibe you’ll get working with me:

Fun, relaxed, full of bad dancing and singing that will result in photos that you and your loved ones will love forever.
5 ways to feel photo ready
5 ways to feel photo ready
5 ways to feel photo ready
5 ways to feel photo ready

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