Ally + Mike | Grand Forks, ND

I’ve known Ally for a bit, she was one of my coworkers at Starbucks back in 2016 who always kept me laughing. She’s a driven and amazing person, so anyone who has her on their team is darn lucky. Back in February of 2017 I opened a contest for an engagement session and Ally won! So we scheduled to work in early July because their wedding is quickly approaching.

Mike + Ally were definitely dressed for the occasion, they picked to work at Arbor park, a gorgeous local pocket park that unfortunately is being demolished.

After Arbor Park we decided to head to my favorite place, the court house, and up on one of the parking garages. I got them to dance, laugh and enjoy the moments even though it was pretty warm AND really windy.

I just love the urban feel of their engagement session and am SO excited that they’re tying the knot! I hope your wedding is the event of 2017 and you have the most wonderful life together.


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