Ashley + Josh’s Wedding Climax, MN

Stortroen is not a name you can say five times fast, but it is a name that holds a very special place in my heart. This was my first wedding in Climax, MN which is a sweet little Northern town between Crookston and East Grand Forks. These two love birds were married at the Lutheran Church in town, which is surrounded by a green field and right next to the river. I have such a love for old churches. The rich history from the stained glass windows, to the ark-like bones, and the sweet memories made between their walls.  wedding details from Climax Lutheran Church

Climax MN church wedding

This particular wedding day was full of small, intimate, and wonderfully special moments for Ashley and Josh. The church was decorated with gorgeous wood pallets, handmade by the grooms aunt, which showed 1st Corinthians ‘love is patient, love is kind’. The colors of these signs, a bright blue, and the yellow mums that topped them matched to the wedding colors exactly and brought a summery wedding vibe to a dreary, rainy, day.

Carly Irene Artistry provided makeup for Ashley, and as always, she did an amazing job! Ashley was the picture of a gorgeous bride. The bride and grooms son, Parker, wandered around -partially refusing to get dressed- and occasionally riding his four-wheeler throughout the sanctuary halls.

When Parker first saw his mama all dressed up, he was so sweet in his expression, and exclamation of how gorgeous his mama looked.


When Ashely was ready to see Josh for the first time it was the most wonderfully, tear jerking, moment I’d had all year. You could tell that they were both incredibly excited to finally marry each other.

The next best first look was Ashley and her dad. He was thrilled to finally see his baby girl getting married to the man of her dreams. 

We lucked out that just before the guests started to arrive, that the rain broke and gave us just enough time to capture a few a gorgeous moments outdoors before we had to hustle back inside so the guests wouldn’t catch a sneak peek of the bride to be. Which as you can see below was the one of the most amazing ceremonies to date. Mr. Parker was quite adorably stealing the attention from mom and dad as they said their vows.

As I said early, Josh’s grandpa officiated the wedding, which brought an extra special element to their big day.

After the exchange of the rings, Ashely and Josh were married!!! Now for the real fun.

These two kids had a pretty hilarious bridal party, and a great party bus, and I’ve included a few because it’s fun.

After a quick stroll around town, and one of the most disgusting concoctions of drinks ever – Mt. Dew with Honey Bourbon … just ew- we made it to their reception at the Alerus in Grand Forks. These two danced, and kissed, the night away with a small break in between events for their coveted sunset images.

I was so thrilled when they said that sunset pictures were on their top ‘must have’ list because they are some of my favorites. After we got back to the ball room, Ashley had her father-daughter dance which was adorable and barely left a dry eye in the house. Obviously, after the standard dances, the shenanigans begin and there are some EPIC dance offs, some interesting garter removals and a pretty heated bouquet toss -Ashley’s sister in law won!-

Obviously, this wedding was a pretty big party from beginning to end with some very sweet and special moments mixed in. If you’re looking for someone to capture the most important, and sometimes ridiculous moments, make sure you email me for details and to see some full wedding galleries.

xo – Acacia

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