my Journal

Spending nearly 72 hours in a hospital wasn’t my intention when booking births within one month of each other, but it was exactly what happened in March of 2017 when Norah decided to make her way into the world a little later than anticipated, and Rylie decided to come a bit early. Welcome to Norah’s […]

Early this spring my husband and I took an impromptu trip up to Zipple Bay Minnesota for a mental health day. It was one of those days that comes after a long, arduous weekend where nothing really seemed to go… right. So we packed up our car and headed north. We had planned for a […]

While I’m completely familiar with working with pageant titleholders from North Dakota, I was finally able to work with one outstanding woman from my home state, Minnesota. Hailey is an outstanding example of why pageants help empower and create a sisterhood among the midwest pageant system. She has been competing in pageants for quite some […]

You’ve probably already seen Megan’s sister Ashely pop up on my blog before, and now its time for her turn to shine! I loved working with Megan because she is one of those people you gravitate toward naturally. She is fun loving, athletic and best of all? Sarcastic. She has a wit that will only […]

This last winter I decided to open my services up for local titleholders to get portraits done for their sponsor pages for the state book and I am so glad I did! I got to meet so many wonderful women like Emily, Miss North Dakota State Fair (NDSF for short) who has been competing in […]

I am a little on the terrified side of photoshoots for myself. Seriously. I fully believe that to run a business, like mine, you have to be visible.. except that I don’t always see myself as worthy of being visible. I hide behind my camera.So I’ve created my top 5 ways to feel photoshoot ready. […]

Turning 21 is all about two things. 1. Popping champs (champagne) 2. Being a little extra These are exactly what Maddie and I did for her 21st birthday. She had texted me when I was at work saying she didn’t have a picture to post.. and being the bit-o-extra I am, I told her to […]

Meeting other photographers can be a bit crazy intimidating.. seriously.. It’s a little scary, but also a lot of fun! Early in May I met up with Tonya of Tonya Kay Photography and all of her crazy clan for a session swap. I absolutely loved getting to know her, and her adorable kiddos, which one […]

I’ve been working as the official photographer for the Miss Grand Forks Pageant for almost three years now and I have to say that it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made with my career. I get to work with some of the most amazing young women who embody strength, intelligence, poise and […]

A few weeks ago I was crossing my fingers that the weather would cooperate for Marti and Rodney’s engagement session at Itasca State Park, which thankfully it did! We got some of the best weather this year has had to offer with our extra long winter no one thought would end. This was the first […]