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**Just a bit of a disclaimer, the post below is talking about female health, in particular, a pain disorder called endometriosis. I in no way want to offend anyone so please note I will talking plainly about female anatomy and other sensitive subjects** I’ve been 30 for awhile… But this story doesn’t start last week, […]

Early this spring my husband and I took an impromptu trip up to Zipple Bay Minnesota for a mental health day. It was one of those days that comes after a long, arduous weekend where nothing really seemed to go… right. So we packed up our car and headed north. We had planned for a […]

I am a little on the terrified side of photoshoots for myself. Seriously. I fully believe that to run a business, like mine, you have to be visible.. except that I don’t always see myself as worthy of being visible. I hide behind my camera.So I’ve created my top 5 ways to feel photoshoot ready. […]

Well first off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I can’t believe it’s already 2018, there is a HUGE giveaway at the bottom of this page, but I feel the need to write a little bit about the changes that you might see in BHP this year. Besides my purple hair, which if you haven’t seen… check out […]

Hello, hello! So I am definitely writing this post early because I wanted to have it out and up well before I need to. If you watch my Instagram or Snapchat stories, you already know, but this is for those who might not. In October, I will be undergoing surgery for a breast reduction, obviously […]

I swear, this is how I start all my blog posts. There’s just something about saying hello twice that I love. Anyways, if you haven’t been around in a bit, you’ll see I’ve got some new digs! I worked very hard to find a new home for BHP and create a space that feels like home, classic […]