Faith | International Falls Senior 2018

Oh Faith, the words do not describe how much I loved working with her and visiting International Falls, MN. Faith is a senior at International Falls HS and she found me through my other senior Mariah who she’d been in color guard with when she went to LHS in Thief River. Faith is a very sweet, quiet and wonderful young lady who just absolutely blew me away with her session! She likes to have fun, wants to study music education at BSU and we have the biggest thing in common; we both love pepperoni and green olive pizza!

The picture on the far right was the SECOND picture we took that day *insert heart eyes here* this girl completely slayed it her entire sesion!

And thank you to International Falls for having the most amazing downtown EVER! Seriously, there were so many textures, door spaces and murals to work with that I could’ve literally shot for 10 hours and not re-use any locations.

Faith was also able to snag a flag because “once a Prowler, always a Prowler” which made me smile as a former color guard member myself.

All in all, this was one of my favorite sessions of 2017 and I cannot wait to see where life takes Faith!

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