Intimate Grand Forks Wedding

They love each other in a way that makes fairytales jealous

Simple, intimate and wonderful. Those are the words that rang through my first meeting with Camoriah. She didn’t want anything big, just a small wedding surrounded by the people they love and no fuss, but the definitely wanted amazing photographs to remember their big day.

I love intimate weddings, so I jumped at the opportunity to photograph an early spring wedding in Grand Forks, ND.

Camoriah and Tom first met in Grand Forks at UND while studying to become pilots, and they wanted to continue the tradition of this city being the backdrop of their love story, so they picked a nerdy day, May 4th, and tied the knot underneath the gazebo at the Myra Museum.

There were little jokes about the date ‘May the fourth be with you’, their dogs Danger and Kahos who performed their ring bearer and flower-dog duties, and the added bonus of being able to throw paper airplanes at the bride and groom as they came back down the aisle.

After a short ceremony we all retreated downtown and while the guests of the wedding went up to SKYS Cloud 9 for a cocktail hour, we spent some time taking pictures with the bridal party and couple. While most wedding days don’t consist of multiple times to have couples portraits taken, these two wanted as many pictures as possible to fill their home with. I was more than happy to oblige.

Their reception was filled with good food, drinks, and some pretty awesome bundt cakes that these two were more than happy to sort of smash into each others faces. There were speeches from best friends describing the selflessness and wonderful couple that these two were, and there was barely a dry eye in the house during that.

After food and drinks we ventured off to capture some golden hour portraits of Camoriah and Tom.

I loved being able to photograph the way that Camoirah looks at Tom and that they got to exchange their favorite parts of the day with each other, without anyone else around.

I love that I can offer couples who choose sunset images, like these, an opportunity to really just enjoy a few moments as husband and wife without the added hustle and bustle of their big day. Take a look at this gorgeous wedding below and make sure to leave some love for the happy couple too!

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