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About once a week I’ll receive an email about what exactly lifestyle newborn photography is. I wanted to answer this question here, but also offer some tips for prepping for your lifestyle newborn session.

For me a lifestyle newborn session means one thing: I get to focus on you, and your baby’s, story through photographs that represent the most important relationships in your childs life.

I love the simplicity of natural poses, and focus to capture you and your family as you are in this very exciting time. I also love the idea of capturing such precious memories in the home that you will be sharing so many firsts with your new baby.

So…what is a lifestyle session?

Simply put, it’s a session done in the comfort of your own home with your new baby. The fact that it’s in your home provides comfortability during this new time, and a deeper feeling of intimacy and those special touches you might miss out on during a studio session.

Like having the ability to have portraits taken in the nursery you and your partner made into perfection for months, and months during the anticipation of your newest arrival.

Where in the home do you take our portraits?

Typically, and preferably, in your master bedroom, nursery, and living room. I do offer outdoor portraits if weather permits -and in the Northern Plains, weather only permits during late spring and the summer months.

I love incorporating places that I know your family will spend time, like your master bedroom. Your bed is one of the best spots to get those gorgeous cuddly family photos. I also know these locations usually have the best light and all of my newborn shoots are done without artifical light, if possible.

Now I don’t want you to worry about how your home looks, you just had a baby and there is NO need for you to clean your entire home. Just pick up where you can, open as many curtains and blinds as you can, and ensure that your bed has a neutral quilt/comforter on top. I will worry about the rest.

What should parents wear?

When in doubt, keep it simple and comfortable.

As I mentioned, you just had a baby, no one expects you to be dressed to the nines for this shoot. Take time to do your hair and makeup, wear light neutral colors like creams, whites, grays and pastel shades.

For pants, I fully recommend mom wear whatever she is most comfortable in. Skirt, dress, leggings, maternity jeans – it doesn’t matter, as long as you are comfy.

If you want to add pops of color, use kimono or cardigans to add a solid, or floral, color to your session. Stay clear of anything with logos, writing, or too dark for your top.

Wearing light, and neutral, shades help to not distract from your baby‘s natural beauty.

What should baby wear?

Again, simplicity is key!

A plain onesie, muslin swaddles in a light print -or bold print if you aren’t wearing anything too patterned- or just a diaper. Whatever your little one is most comfortable in is best.

How long do these sessions last?

Typically a session will be 2-2.5 hours. Babies are in charge, so I listen to your babe to know when breaks are needed. This time frame allows for feedings, diaper changes and snuggles if needed.

I usually start a session with group family portraits, especially if you have other children. This allows for me to get those loved group shots, move through individuals with your other children and their new sibling. After they are done, I allow them to go play for the rest of the session.

*PRO TIP* Have a family member, or friend, come help watch your other children, so you and your partner can be with baby for the rest of the session.

When baby is at their sleepiest I will do their individual portraits. This can either be in the nursery, or master bedroom, or both! I will pose your little one in ways they would be found naturally. I focus on the little details during this time too.

How else can we prepare for our session?


This time is incredibly precious this time is, and I fully understand how you can sometimes be overwhelmed with feelings of excitement, wonder and amazement over your new baby – I mean, just look at how swoon worthy all these little baby images are!

I say to fully embrace these emotions, stare at your little one in wonder. I will be there to create gorgeous images that you will cherish forever, just take a breath and relax and know that I’ve got this.

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