New Site + Giveaway, SAY WHAT!?

Well first off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I can’t believe it’s already 2018, there is a HUGE giveaway at the bottom of this page, but I feel the need to write a little bit about the changes that you might see in BHP this year. Besides my purple hair, which if you haven’t seen… check out my Instagram.

While I was on medical leave, I looked deep down into what I wanted for BHP in 2018. I love capturing the little details in life, in fact I spent part of December focused on photographing details. I found a renewed love for the things that brought me into photography, like little toes and fingers clasping around your fingers. Your nervous excitement and anticipation as you walk down the aisle to your love, and capturing the genuine smiles of girls on the cusp of a wild adventure and embracing what is happening now.

Before I delved into what I wanted for BHP in the new year, I also did some soul searching for what BHP represents. I spent six months working on my own logo, the trees are hand drawn by myself. If you know me, you know I love trees! I was named after one, I spent years surrounded by evergreens and I really just love that this particular tree has been in every place I’ve lived. To me evergreens are just like their name implies, forever. Which is how I also approach photography. To me the memories I capture, the prints I create, they are forever. They are handed down, carefully shown to generations and adored by your loved ones.

Now you might understand the little details, the flourishing words and the love I’ve poured into my website. Besides Instagram, this is the best way to show you how much I genuinely love what I do. Now for the lovely giveaway… whoa doggy. Over the next two-ish weeks you’ll be able to enter for full WEDDING DAY PHOTOGRAPHY! I mean, just check out the awesome shots below from my 2016/2017 seasons!

So yeah, this is the largest giveaway I’ve ever done, so enter below, but make sure you read ALL of the rules too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why giveaway a wedding? Because I’ve been in business for almost FIVE years in Minnestoa and I wanted to giveaway something extraordinary, so a wedding it is! This wedding package is my #1 booked package, it includes everything you could want for your big day.This contest IS open to everyone, world wide, but travel is not included -so please make sure you look at rue 6 if you’re planning a destination wedding. 

8 hours of coverage
2 photographers
complimentary engagement session
USB of Edited High Resolution images, print release + an online gallery! 

BHP Wedding Giveaway!
Giveaway starts 1/6/18 @ 12:00 am CST and ends 1/19/18 @ 12:00 am CST

1. This is a giveaway done solely by Belle Hiver Photography. To enter, you must fill out the entry form to the best of your knowledge. Wedding dates unknown will be given a list of unavailable 2018/2019 dates from BHP.
2. Winners will be announced 1/15/18 via Instagram LIVE video and notified via email. Winners will have 48 hours to confirm prize, otherwise BHP will choose a new winner.
3. If a winner enters with false information or has friends/family enter on their behalf, they will be disqualified immediately. Please note all information given will be verified, and you will be disqualified from the giveaway without notification.
4. Prizes are non-transferable. If you win, you cannot give the wedding package away as a gift or if your wedding is canceled.
5. Current brides with signed contracts are not eligible for this giveaway.
6. This giveaway is open to anyone in the United States. Travel is NOT included to brides 100 miles outside of the 56750 zip code. If your wedding is outside of this area, you will be subject to BHP’s standard travel expenses including, but not limited to; 2-3 night stay in a hotel, flights or mileage, and food expenses per day.

To everyone who enters, I am so incredibly thankful for your submission! I can’t wait to work with you in the future!
xoxo, Acacia

  1. Sasha Newman

    January 6th, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Sasha Newman

    January 6th, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Oops. I forgot to add my date ☺️ its July 27th, 2019 in Fargo, ND. We’ve just recently had a son and I’m looking for someone amazing to capture our day. I am just starting to look at websites so I haven’t made one yet. Happy New Year! Look forward to hearing from you!

  3. acaciareinhard

    January 7th, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Sasha! I didn’t see your entry on the official form, if you follow the link you’ll be entered in the giveaway officially!

    Best wishes, and best of luck!!!

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