Norah Birth + Fresh 48

Spending nearly 72 hours in a hospital wasn’t my intention when booking births within one month of each other, but it was exactly what happened in March of 2017 when Norah decided to make her way into the world a little later than anticipated, and Rylie decided to come a bit early.

Welcome to Norah’s birth story.
     This time, last year, we were on the brink of a blizzard warning and I had been keeping my phone on loud for over 2 weeks anticipating Miss Norah’s arrival. I had just stepped in my house after photographing Riley’s birth and fresh 48 when I got the text that Chelsea was being induced.  Right back to Altru I went -completely forgetting my PJs!- where we watched the Frozen Four, and her water was broken during a UND goal!  Kasey was the textbook of a supportive partner, staying by Chelsea’s side for the 19 hours of labor. It wasn’t until the early morning that Norah decided to make her grand entrance, in true ninja baby style. Less than 5 pushes, and a few minutes, she entered the world to the loving arms of her mom and dad.

She was a site for sore eyes for these two first time parents. She was only 41+2 overdue and they were finally happy to see the most gorgeous baby in the world, their baby.

After settling into their new routine, sort of, I grabbed a few pictures of Norah getting weighed -9lbs10oz- and her foot prints. She was a little unsure of my camera being right in her face, but that’s pretty normal for a new babe.

These three settled into their roles fairly quickly, with Norah wrapping both of her parents around her finger.

If you’re welcoming a little one into the world and would like to capture your families story, send me a message.
xo – Acacia

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