Rylie’s Birth Story + Fresh 48

This little girl was a highly anticipated babe from the moment I found out about her existence. Jess and Justin were my former bosses at Amazon, and I was incredibly excited that they were going to be adding a baby to their wedding plans for 2017. It was a pretty chilly, blizzard warning, kind of spring day right before sunrise when I made my way to Altru Hospital for Rylie’s birthday. It was a bit different than the other birth stories I’ve been to, mostly because this was my first C-section that I would be able to photograph in action!!

It was a really exciting time in the surgery suite, the anticipation was palpable. While Jess is a pro with babies, this was Justin’s first time witnessing a birth, and being a dad. As you can see meeting his daughter for the first time was one of the sweetest memories to date.

After a few hours in recovery, family started to pour in to meet Miss Rylie, her Aunt Victoria came in to say hello to her newest niece, who happens to be partially named after her, and shortly after her brother and sister were able to meet their newest little sister.

Lexi was obviously excited to meet her little sis, but Wally-J was a little more hesitant -rather pointing out that she and he both have noses and going back to his iPad games-

All in all, this was a very exciting birth story to capture. Their wedding was equally as fun, but that will be for another day.
xo – Acacia

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