Scott Wedding Grand Forks, ND

You know when you meet someone who is so passionate about something that it makes you just incredibly excited, and want to talk with them FOREVER about it? Well that was Alice with her wedding. We started chatting late one evening about weddings and I can tell you that all of her hopes and dreams for her day, from her dress to her hair, the letters and all of the little details were absolutely what she imagined. I wont say the day didn’t have hiccups, but I’ve never been to/photographed a wedding that didn’t, but Alice went through them like a champ and at the end of the day the #1 thing that she wanted to happen, happened. She married Lincoln and they finally became husband and wife after SO MANY YEARS! The day was an absolutely gorgeous, from the beautiful August weather to just about every single element they worked so hard to put together.
Now like I said, weddings have hiccups. They rarely start on time or are completely picture perfect, but when you’re surrounded by your closest family and friends who have been helping you for almost a year to plan an amazing day.. well you pretty much have the best combo for having your perfect wedding. It was hard to keep Alice’s bridesmaids and mom from bursting into tears over how incredibly gorgeous she looked, it was difficult to get her son Noah to not want to just sword fight his dad -who got a sword as a gift!- and sometimes it was difficult to get Lincoln to look at me, instead of his gorgeous bride during portraits. These two took their day in, they created memories that will last a lifetime and I’m so glad I was able to capture their big day so they can look back and remember how incredibly special the day was.
This stinker face couldn’t be more adorable, right!?
Alice obviously put a lot of thought into the details of her wedding day from getting ready to the details. She matched her shoes with her colors, her florals and bridesmaids dresses. I was so impressed with how wonderful everyone looked in their wedding gear.

Now with Lincoln, you’d fully expect him to be the stoic man, but he was so in awe of his brides beauty throughout the day -and to finally be able to call her his wife, it was truly wonderful to witness such sweetness between two people.
Their ceremony was so simply put together, and made you focus on them as a couple instead of the glitz and glamour of something extravagant. My favorite weddings are the ones that the couple put thought into how to make their guests feel welcome and immersed in their days, which is exactly what these two did.
Now remember how I said they had a pretty fun bridal party? Obviously, from some of the pictures above you could tell, but these two had some of the crazy partiers who definitely made their bar crawl an absolute blast for these two!
Their reception was something of an all night dance party, and then some. Seriously! I had so much fun capturing the crazy dances, the first dances and everything in between. When I left -at 10pm- the party was STILL going so I imagine their guests will be talking about how much fun they had for the rest of their lives.

I do have to say that re-shooting their bridal portraits was an amazing experience! Since Noah was sick on their wedding day, I offered to reshoot some more pictures when he was feeling better so they could have the gorgeous family images I know Alice was after from day one. Noah was a total HAM on re-shoot day, which is completely normal for him. I do recommend to anyone with kiddos that if you want to book a bridal portrait package for after your ceremony to do it! You wont feel stressed out with all of the ‘day of’ things, and you can just relax with your little family and love on each other -without the fear of cheeto hands ruining your dress!

See, total ham!

I am so glad that I was able to capture this gorgeous families wedding, I can’t wait to see where life takes the Scott family, and what adventures their new baby will have with such amazing parents and a pretty super big bro.
xo -Acacia

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