It is almost an end to 2017, HOW!? A little known secret this was my very first year photographing senior’s and it was the absolute best, and now that my year is winding down I’m actually able to start blogging sessions! For the next few months I will be featuring senior sessions for the class of 2018.

This session was the first full session I did in Red Lake Falls and it was so much fun to highlight my new hometown, so check it out!

Ashley LaCrosse, Lafayette High School, Play volleyball, basketball, golf. Partake in band (play the flute) and choir (soprano) love   swimming, camping, and hanging out with friends

What has been your favorite part about your senior year so far?
Being with all my classmate and having more freedom with my classes.

What are your plans after high school?
To attend college and become a dental assistant

What’s your best advice for future seniors?
Make as many memories as you can with your class because it goes by quickly!

What do you look forward most to being done with after high school?
I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and experiencing new things


What was your favorite part about working with BHP?
Just how relaxed the whole session was. Felt very comfortable, and wasn’t afraid to be myself. Also liked how I was able to put my own opinion in.

Did you have a favorite outfit or location we worked in?
Hard to decide either white long sleeve romper or white off the shoulder shirt with skinny jeans. As for favorite location loved them all and can’t choose!!

Describe BHP in five words or less:
Fun, comfortable, unforgettable!


Now I loved working with Ashley because she’s fun, charismatic and keeps you smiling/laughing with her bubbly personality. While I supplied a few clothing options, Ashley brought some killer accessories and her amazing smile! With her hair, and makeup, we decided to keep it pretty natural and that was a good call with the thunderstorm that hit 15 minutes into shooting! But hey, we made it work and found some covered areas to work with. Take a look below!

One major plus of living in a town with two rivers flowing through is that there is never a lack of beachy areas to shoot at! While it might not look super cute pulled back, when you work with the right person anything can look amazing. Just take that flower field Ashley is standing in, you can’t see the highway just off to the left!

This gazebo stands just right by one of my favorite spots in Red Lake Falls, it’s perfect to add a little slice of Americana and to seek shelter from the rain!

Now to my second favorite location, this amazing dirt road just down the street from my studio! If you want more info on senior sessions for 2019 send me an email below, I can’t wait to talk with you!

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